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Hi, I'm Kenz

With a Master's degree in Digital Communication and Media Arts and a BFA in Theatre Arts, I possess a unique blend of creative and technical skills that are essential for effective communication strategies in today's digital landscape. I look forward to learning how my passion for storytelling can take your project or organization to new heights. 

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About My Work

I believe in creating work that centers people and brings accessibility to the forefront. My passion is ignited by collaborative efforts, community impact, and creativity in design and storytelling. 

Digital Marketing & Communication

Digital Communication is such a broad term; what does it actually mean?


My experience primarily lies with non-profit communications and social media. I've created social media graphics, copy, and posting schedules across all major platforms. I've helped maintain an online presence through copyediting and scheduling blog posts, designing graphics for websites, and assisting in the building, SEO optimization, and launch of an organizations new website on Wordpress. I've also created flyers, pages and posters that other members of the team could pass out at events and conferences. 

I'm familiar with programs such as the Adobe Suite (primarily Premiere and Photoshop), Canva, Google Suites, Excel, DSLR cameras, Hootsuite, Wordpress, Wix, and Python. 

My technical skills include data and web analytics, copywriting and editing, website maintenance, a working knowledge of Python and HTML coding, graphic design, SEO optimization, social media design & management and video editing. 

Arts Education & Teaching Artistry 

I studied teaching artistry under veteran Chicago teaching artists Julie Ganey and Mechelle Moe, who both ensured that diversity, accessibility, and inclusion was at the forefront of my pedagogy. 

I've been overjoyed to teach theatre to ages 5-14 at Lifeline Theatre, DePaul's Creative Root program, and Raven Theatre's Take Flight Summer Camp, where I acted as the Assistant Camp Manager. 

I love watching as the shyest student transforms into the loudest, the most serious learner cracks a smile and learns the joy of being silly, and students facing marginalization are given the tools to tell their stories proudly. While my professional focus has recently shifted away from arts education, I still strongly believe in its importance and ability to foster social/emotional learning, creativity, and empathy. 

Theatre, Video Essays & Passion Projects

My work as a theatre artist focuses on mythology, folklore, feminism, curiosity and queerness. I'm most interested in exploring themes through devised, collaborative works that allow for a non-hierarchical approach to creation. My shows are often based in magical realism and highlight audience interaction.

Through my master's program, I began creating video essays for my personal YouTube channel that focused on media ethics, queerness, and internet communities. My most popular video took 6 months to make, and explores the aftermath of the adult content ban on Tumblr and what it meant for queer users. I started the channel as a passion project, but I am both delighted and proud to state that that video garnered over 100,000 views. In the future, I hope to create more work that both resonates with users and explores the implications of an internet society operating within the confines of capitalism. 

Stacy Jeziorowski, CSTA Marketing Lead

Because of her enthusiasm to learn all facets of CSTA's marketing, Kenz was able to execute on our existing marketing strategies and freed my time to work on larger, more strategic initiatives. From graphic design, to website content management, to social media management, Kenz was able to contribute to all of CSTA's programming. She has a great eye for detail and identifies ways to bring a brand to live in unique ways. She was a valued member of our team and will be an asset to the next team she joins.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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