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Teaching Artistry

I studied teaching artistry under veteran Chicago teaching artists Julie Ganey and Mechelle Moe, who both ensured that diversity, accessibility, and inclusion was at the forefront of my pedagogy. 

I've been overjoyed to teach theatre to ages 5-14 at Lifeline Theatre, DePaul's Creative Root program, and Raven Theatre's Take Flight Summer Camp, where I acted as the Assistant Camp Manager. 

I love watching as the shyest student transforms into the loudest, the most serious learner cracks a smile and learns the joy of being silly, and students facing marginalization are given the tools to tell their stories proudly. While my professional focus has recently shifted away from arts education, I still strongly believe in its importance and ability to foster social/emotional learning, creativity, and empathy. 

Click the Residency Example to see an example of a proposed lesson plan I designed. The TYA Packet example shows an educational teacher resource packet I helped create for DePaul's production of A Wrinkle in Time, and the Creative Root button connects to the Creative Root page, showcasing me as an emerging teaching artist. 

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