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Kenz Mangan




Photos by Emma Benson 

Kenz (she/her) is a Chicago based digital communicator, theatre artist, teacher, and lifelong learner. She currently works as a digital marketing and communications intern for an education non-profit, and is looking for more work that inspires creativity and community impact.


Her work as an artist focuses on mythology, folklore, feminism, curiosity and queerness. She is most interested in exploring themes through devised, collaborative works that allow for a non-hierarchical approach to creation. Her shows are often based in magical realism and highlight audience interaction.

Kenz is a recent graduate of The Theatre School at DePaul University, and holds a BFA in Theatre Arts Directing, as well as a minor in history. She is currently pursuing an MA in Digital Communications and Media Studies at DePaul. She is a recipient of DePaul's First Year Writing Showcase Award, the Rhoda Pritzker Endowed Scholarship for imagination, discipline and collaboration, and the DCMA Merit Scholarship for academic achievement, leadership and experience.

Fern Leaves

Morris McLennan, Playwright

Kenz puts her whole heart and brain into all of her work, from theatre to media projects to caring for her community.

Wet Leaves

Hallie Newell, Theatre Manager

Kenz is one of the only artists I know who is able to communicate a clear vision through her work. Her passion, drive and need to create art that aligns with her values is something every artist should aspire to have.

Green Leaves

Jasmine Bracey, Actor

In addition to being a great listener and multi-tasker, Kenz is a clear communicator and can adapt her communication to each individual she addresses. 

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