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This resume includes my most recent highlights. For a more formal resume, click the buttons below. 

Kenz Mangan

Photo by Emma Benson

Graduate Assistant for Intro to Digital Media Skills

Fall 2022 - helped teach undergraduate students skills related to digital media, such as DSLR cameras, Photoshop, Premiere video editing, recording and editing audio, digital analytics and data visualization. 

Teaching Artist Apprentice for Creative Root

Summer 2022 - I helped create scripts for 2 adapted shows, taught the fundamentals of theatre to ages 5-7 and facilitated the creation of two movies. 

Director of Witch Way

Winter 2022. I pitched an idea for a devised show revolving around witches from mythology and folklore, and was chosen to create  a Lab at The Theatre School at DePaul. Through this lab, I worked with a cast of three to create an interactive show regarding what it means to be a fem person in a world that has traditionally demonized women.  

History of Dramatic Literature Mentor

August 2020 - Present. I work as a teaching assistant for the History of Dramatic Literature class in The Theatre School. I host reading sessions for difficult plays, answer questions, edit papers, and help students build project ideas. 

Lighthouse Immersive Retail 

Feb 2022 - Present. I work for the immersive art show that puts on the Van Gogh Immersive Experience, as well as the Frida Kahlo Immersive Exhibit. 

Lifeline Teaching Artist Intern

Summer 2020. As a teaching artist intern, I helped to lead exercises and activities for students involved in Lifeline Theatre's summer camp program. I worked with students ages 5 through 12, and debriefed with teaching artists after every lesson to help make sure that the camp was running smoothly. 

Dramaturg for Lunch Money

Spring - Fall 2020. Director Damon Kiely was adapting the children's book Lunch Money into a playworks series play at The Theatre School. I was on the dramaturgy team for this production, and helped put together an actor packet while also posing questions to Damon as he wrote drafts of the play. 

Co-Director of The Wonder Project

Winter 2020. I co-directed a devised piece that premiered in the prototypes festival at The Theatre School. Jordan Kost and I assembled a piece that focused on Wonder as a central theme, exploring  disparate pieces of a person's life when approached with a child-like sense of wonder and curiosity. 

Assistant Director of Ninki Nanka

Fall 2019. Jasmine Bracey directed a devised piece that focused on modern mythology, and ended up producing a show in which a group of people find themselves trapped together in a room, only to find out that they have all done something to deserve it. They must collectively as a group figure out who to save, while the rest must perish.

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