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Digital Communication

In a small highschool, surrounded by five drama classmates and my eccentric theatre teacher, one thing was clear to me: I wanted to study theatre. I graduated from the American Community School of Abu Dhabi in the UAE and moved to Chicago for college soon after. I felt ready to leave the Middle East behind and study the art I loved - but the world had other plans. 

As the pandemic hit, my classes took the live and in-person experience of theatre and moved it to the digital world. As theaters everywhere shut their doors, concern grew over whether American theatre would survive at all. Though at first I struggled with the change, I also rediscovered a love for stories through different mediums. What began as something tedious became an exciting new field with endless possibilities. I felt more connected to the world, and witnessed as theatre became more accessible and creative. 

As a result, I applied to DePaul’s combined degree program for a master’s in digital communication and media arts. Now in my second year of the program, I understand storytelling across media to a much better degree. Although I can’t bring myself to get rid of my shelf of theatre books and drama anthologies just yet, digital communication has allowed me to seek creativity elsewhere. As I look towards the future, I hope to land a job in the museum or non-profit sectors, working on content strategy and digital marketing. Information everywhere can be brought to life with the help of the internet and emergent technologies.

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Digital Marketing

These are designs I created during my time as a digital marketing and communications intern as the Computer Science Teachers Association. I worked hard to follow the brand guidelines to create clean, impactful designs.

Video Essays

Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator

Most of these were made for one class or another, meaning they had specific parameters placed on them. I look forward to exploring the software more in the future. 

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